Attempt 2: Whole Wheat Bread

Now that I have made white bread successfully once, I was ready to try whole wheat bread. I decided to go with a combination of bread flour and whole wheat flour. I also decided to add some fennel seeds to the dough for flavor. Watching a couple of recipes on YouTube, I also decided to add one egg to the dough. For an even loaf I also decided to roll the dough before adding it in the pan.

But I had an accident and added too much water. The dough was too sticky. I had to add a lot of bread flour to correct. Didn’t end up with a whole lot of wheat flour in the bread after all!

whole wheat bread

In the end, the bread turned out alright. It was even. It rose well. The fennel was a big hit. My only problem with this bread had to do with its smell. It smelled yeasty and I could also taste a little egg. I’ll have to work on that next.