Attempt 3: Less Yeasty Whole Wheat Bread

How do you get rid of the yeasty smell? I read discussions on the Internet that suggested that I should (a) use less yeast, (b) let the first proof happen slowly overnight instead of a quick proof at a higher temperature, (c) save some of the bread dough and use that as starter instead of using yeast. I went with (a) and (b), and also skipped the egg and milk entirely.

I was careful not to add too much water like I did last time. But I ended up being too careful. I added too little water, which made the dough very dense and not moist feeling at all. I believe they call this a gnarly dough in the trade. Being anxious about this, I forgot to add any kind of seeds into the dough.

The next morning, I found the dough had not risen much. I decided to shape it by hand into the loaf pan, and not roll it for fear of losing even the little bit of air I had. The second rise was hardly noticeable. It only got about half way up my pan.

I have no picture this time, but my bread ended up being short and dense. The sides stuck to the pan. Was it edible? Yes. But you could eat two slices and declare that you are full! On the bright side, it didn’t smell of yeast!