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  • Greetings

    Idli the red standard poodle riding a sleigh

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! If you noticed, my website is back from being a static site generated using Jekyll to a standard WordPress installation. I loved how fast the statically generated website loaded. But having a static site also meant that I made fewer posts. I like being able to make a […]

  • Choose compassion

    We may be right about social distancing, about wearing masks when we step outside our homes. Or time may reveal that we went too far; some sacrifices made today may turn out to be unnecessary. I see some of my acquaintances flying, partying and carrying on indoors without masks. They proudly share pictures and videos […]

  • Microsoft Build 2020

    C# 9.0 – MSBuild 2020 – Exciting new features coming soon in C# 9.0, as part of .NET 5. No need to write a class just to write a Main() function anymore. You can start writing executable code in your .cs file just like it is a scripting language. You can also define functions within such files, and mark them […]

  • Dockercon 2020

    Dockercon 2020 was an online-only conference. I watched some of the video recordings posted to YouTube. Here are some notes on the videos that interested me. The Keynote session (17m) was delivered by Docker’s CEO Scott Johnston. The key piece of this presentation is a demonstration of new functionality in docker-compose that allows the CLI to connect […]

  • DynamoDB Deep Dive

    I watched this video from 2018 about Amazon’s DynamoDB NoSQL data storage service this morning, and found it to be enlightening.

  • Attention

    Awareness of inattention is attention J. Krishnamurti, Public talk #2, Chennai, India, 1979

  • Attempt 9: Halfway Decent Again

    It was a hot, hot few days at San Francisco. If ever I had a chance to get a good rise out of my yeast, this was it. And I decided to take it. Still sticking with the same yeast, I went for a conservative 2 cups of bread flour to ½ cup of whole […]

  • Attempt 8: Rusty

    Taking an extra long break from baking is not the best idea. I tried baking a loaf after a 2½ month long break, and it was the same as me having never baked before. Add to it the fact that I used a fresh batch of flour, and I ended up with the driest loaf […]

  • Attempt 7: First public appearance

    We were going over to our neighbor’s to watch the NBA final, and I decided to take the leap and let my bread loose on neighbors. Appearance is important. I could not have it look like a loaf baked in a loaf pan. So I decided to go free form. Keeping the recipe the same, […]

  • Attempts 5 & 6: Darker Crust

    Work related travel to Chicago took weeks away from baking. But now it was time to get back. In an effort to learn new techniques, I started reading the book Matthew got me months ago — Bien Cuit by Zachary Golper, who runs a bakery at Brooklyn. The idea seems to be to develop a […]