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  • Attempt 4: Not Gnarly Whole Wheat Bread

    This time I was determined to use a higher proportion of whole wheat flour and get a good rise. Maybe having a more moist dough would do the trick? This experiment was going to be all about having a soft supple dough. My plan was to follow Chef John’s advice: don’t add all the flour […]

  • Attempt 3: Less Yeasty Whole Wheat Bread

    How do you get rid of the yeasty smell? I read discussions on the Internet that suggested that I should (a) use less yeast, (b) let the first proof happen slowly overnight instead of a quick proof at a higher temperature, (c) save some of the bread dough and use that as starter instead of […]

  • Attempt 2: Whole Wheat Bread

    Now that I have made white bread successfully once, I was ready to try whole wheat bread. I decided to go with a combination of bread flour and whole wheat flour. I also decided to add some fennel seeds to the dough for flavor. Watching a couple of recipes on YouTube, I also decided to […]

  • Attempt 1: White Bread

    I have made bread only once before. That was me blindly following a recipe. But following a recipe doesn’t mean you know how to bake. It takes a few attempts to learn techniques and develop an intuition. After watching the first season of The Great British Baking Show, I was ready. It made sense to […]