Dockercon 2020

Dockercon 2020 was an online-only conference. I watched some of the video recordings posted to YouTube. Here are some notes on the videos that interested me.

The Keynote session (17m) was delivered by Docker’s CEO Scott Johnston. The key piece of this presentation is a demonstration of new functionality in docker-compose that allows the CLI to connect to preconfigured cloud environments in AWS or Azure using a simple command. For a prerecorded video, production quality is poor. The speakers seem underprepared and disinterested. The delivery lacked a punch.

Hardening Docker daemon w Rootless Mode (23m) by Akihiro Suda. The presenter shows how you can now run the docker daemon without root privileges. Note that this is not about running without root within the container. Good presentation. If you need to bind of privileged ports, this rootless option won’t work. I recommend turning on Closed Captions if you have trouble understanding the presenter.

Delivering desktop apps in containers (30m) by Blaize Stewart from Microsoft piqued my curiosity. The talk is about running Linux based GUI applications within a container and having them connect to an X server. The final UI is then displayed in Windows, or surprisingly within a web browser. It was interesting as an experiment, but has little practical value.

How To Build and Run Node Apps with Docker and Compose by Kathless Juell. Beginner material, not much new here.