I have been developing software applications professionally over a period of 15+ years. Here is an overview of my work.

iManage Work 10

iManage provides the leading document and email management system used by 3000 companies and over 1 million professionals worldwide across cloud and on-premises offerings. iManage cloud has been onboarding 1 new customer a day for 2 years in a row.

I lead the iManage Work 10 team that built the modern, responsive web interface of this the flagship product. Web based screens are reused within Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook (Windows & Mac), Gmail, the iOS app, Dropbox-style drive sync, and an Electron based Mac client. It also provides a platform for partners to integrate their own applications. I also lead the iManage Share product team – this product offers a cloud-based document sharing solution. Dual role: Technical architect & Manager to 10 engineers.

iManage Share

Secure File sharing and Collaboration for Law firms is a cloud service that enables users of iManage Work 10 to securely exchange documents with clients, partner firms and outside consultants. It offers seamless integration with iManage Work 10 and Microsoft Outlook. Offers “Bring Your Own Key” encryption for secure file storage.

Front end: JavaScript, Backbone JS, jQuery, Bootstrap
Back end: ReST APIs, Java, Zookeeper, PostgreSQL, Swift, Twilio

HP Flow

Hewlett Packard Software is a cloud service that enables Small and Medium sized Businesses with HP Flow Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) to convert their offices from using paper records to electronic. Documents scanned via the scanner automatically get uploaded to The scanner runs a Windows 3.1 based app that interfaces to the cloud via a REST API. Uploaded documents get indexed and OCR’d. provides a rich web interface that allows users to browse, search, preview and share these documents securely. Integration into Microsoft Outlook also allows users to share email attachments via the cloud.

Front end: JavaScript, Backbone JS, jQuery, Bootstrap
Mobile Front end: JavaScript, jQuery Mobile
Back end: ReST APIs, Java, Zookeeper, PostgreSQL

Universal Search

Autonomy Corporation

Autonomy’s flagship product is a search indexer called Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL). Universal Search provides a highly customizable web interface. It provides single search interface for professionals to search within multiple sources of data within their organization E.g., document management system, email archive, SharePoint, Windows shared folders etc. Searches can also be federated to services that do not allow indexing E.g. LexisNexis, Europa Law. Administrators and developers can customize the interface to match their sources of data, customize IDOL queries and build an interface that includes search results, hit highlighting, preview, faceted filters, and custom actions on search results.

Front end: JavaScript, ExtJS, CSS
Back end: Java, Servlets, C#, ASP.NET wrapper,, Runs on IIS/Windows and Tomcat/Linux

Social Media Governance

Autonomy Corporation

Financially regulated Wall Street firms permit specific employees to access social media sites within the company network. These are often official Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn accounts. All communication is regulated and treated as advertising.

Autonomy Social Media Governance provides a platform for companies to meet the regulatory requirement of reviewing social media posts that are made by authorized employees. About 10% of posts are reviewed, including those flagged as potentially sensitive.

When employees logon to social media sites, a proxy level service intercepts this and redirects users to provide access to their accounts (via OAuth 2.0). An IDOL “connector” service uses the access tokens received to periodically download content from social media sites and index them into IDOL. A separate service then flags posts that need review.

The product offers a more intrusive mode called “pre-approval” – where a Facebook page’s post is scanned as it is being posted, and the posting fails if it does not meet company standards. This was built by having the proxy server inject JavaScript that would update the UI of social media sites.

Front end: jQuery, Bootstrap
Back end: Squid proxy, ICAP (GreasySpoon) Tomcat, OAuth 2.0 for Facebook app, Twitter app, LinkedIn app, IDOL connector, Java

WorkSite Web

Interwoven Inc.

Web interface to the Interwoven WorkSite Document Management Server. Provides a tree view for navigation along with a portal style center panel that displays content within a workspace. Intended as a remote access solution when users are away from their native desktop applications. Also functions as an Intranet site for smaller firms. Written as a modular web application, WorkSite Web also provides SharePoint web parts that allows folders from WorkSite to be displayed in SharePoint using a rich view almost similar to the original interface.

Front End: JavaScript, CSS
Back End: C#, ASP.NET http handlers, .NET interop to access functionality provided by COM DLL

Archive Manager

Migration utility for archiving workspaces and creating legal holds

Internal Tools for Yahoo! Finance

In my role as intern